Importance of jewelry‎ to women's life : Women are associated with beauty in general, and all things related to beauty such as clothing, cosmetics, toiletries, perfumes and shoes, especially jewelry.
Jewelry and accessories of gold, silver and precious stones are the most important signs of ancient cultures, especially the lives of queens and princesses, which are decorated with the heaviest and largest of them throughout the ages.

These jewelry have been associated with women starting from the Pharaonic era and through the various civilizations that have left their reserved until today between the walls of museums, underlining the fact that jewelry is the most important thing for women, and are connected like family members, as it is part of her character and heritage.

Jewelry designers and traders are aware of the women's attachment to the pieces they make and sell. Some of these pieces touch the woman's heart, and others create a relationship between the woman and her. This explains the importance of jewelry in women's lives.

On the other hand, many women think of buying jewellery  from an investment or savings point of view. Jewelry is increasing in value over time, so it is a good way to save. But women soon struggle to choose the jewelry they buy, so women always tend to buy pieces of jewelry that fit their personalities to touch their heart and feelings more Of those pieces that can make a material profit.

On the other hand, there is also an emotional aspect to the jewelry when acquired, and this aspect is the historical dimension of the piece of jewelry, usually inherited piece of jewelry in one family, moving pieces of jewelry from grandparents and even ancestors, which in itself represents a historical dimension and adds to the piece of jewelry a moral value in addition to its physical value.

Such objects are not seen from the reality of modern design or suitability for a certain period of time, and does not look at the name of the designer or manufacturer, these pieces derive their value from the history, and people who wore them in the past, these pieces are not subject to fashion and does not stop glitter at the limit, It is valid for all time and place, and its luster stems from its history and not because of the precious stones that were made from it.

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