Do’s and Dont’s of machine washing : laundry service in gurgaon : Thinking to buy a new washing machine to ease your laundry woes? But hey, did you know that just purchasing a washing machine would not be the end to your problems. If one does not know how to use washing machines properly, it will eventually tend to burden you with additional stress rather than helping you with leisure time! There are certain setting and some tips that should be kept in our minds while doing our laundry in the washing machine. These tips will not only help you achieve best results but also spare you the trouble later.

1.      Pre treat stains:
In case your dress has got any stain then you should clean that before dumping it into the washing machine. This will not only ensure that you get rid of the stain but also help in not getting the stain transferred on other clothes.

2.      Wash white clothes separately
It is a basic rule to follow while doing the laundry as there are certain clothes that leaves colour stains while washing. So it is always preferable to wash your white clothes separately.

3.      Put undergarments or other delicate clothes in the small laundry packets
There are these small laundry pockets available online to put your undergarment while washing clothes in the machine). You may even use it for delicate clothes like scarves or ties.

4.      Never overload
In case you are have excess laundry to be done but very little time, never think of dumping all of it together. It will not only cause damage to the washing machine, but will also leave the clothes dirty and you will end up spending extra time on these things later.

5.      Don’t use too much detergent
Some of you might feel that more the detergent better will be the cleaning. But no, this is a common misconception. If you put excess detergent, it will harm the fabric strands and leaves patches on the clothes even after drying. It is always advisable to use liquid detergent in washing machine for best results.

6.      Don’t leaved clothes inside for long
Never put your clothes in the washing machine if you can’t wait for it till the end. Because in that case you will end up leaving the clothes in there until you are back home. Such instances give out a very foul smell to your clothes once they are done, and also damages the clothes

7.      Leave the washing machine open after use
After every use, keep the lid of your washing machine open for 10-15 minutes. This step will help you get rid of the molds and other bacteria that thrive on moist surfaces.

8.      Always take professionals help whenever required
In case of any damage to the washing machine, never try to repair it yourself. It is a complex machine and it definitely needs an expert’s supervision.

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